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‘Stories of Courage’ Reading Quiz – Round 2

Excellent work, guys! That’s what I call teamwork. Therefore, your current score is as follows:

Group C: 4 points

Group B: 3 points

Group A: 2 point

Group D: 1 points

Contestants Marta, Anastasia, Naomi and Luis are you ready for Round 2? Here you’ve got your questions for this round.

Story 2

Finish these sentences about Matthew.

float     army   crocodile         power strength

a Matthew was very frightened about the ………… that was swimming towards him.

b Matthew ………… for hours in the Nile River to escape the soldiers.

c Matthew’s European friends admire him because of his ………… .

Be the first to submit your answers before Wednesday, 2nd to guarantee your group the 4 points.

Good luck to you all and remember…, PARTICIPATION’S THE KEY!

Mary B.


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‘Stories of Courage’ Reading Quiz

  Welcome to our so long-awaited 1st Term Reading Quiz. Have you started reading your book yet? Did you enjoy our introduction to the book? It is a collection of eight true stories about exceptionally brave people from different parts of the world.  Something we should all learn from.

Well, let’s see how well you do. Contestants: Victoria, Erika, Jacinto and Manuel, here you’ve got your questions:

Story 1

Finish these sentences about Ana Quirot. Match the letters a – e and numbers, 1–5.

a When Ana woke up after her accident

b Only a month after the accident

c It was very difficult for Ana

d Ana didn’t think that

e Ana’s fight against pain and illness

1 Fidel Castro was by her bedside.

2 to walk without pain.

3 is an example of courage.

4 she could come back so strongly.

5 Ana started walking inside the hospital.

Good luck to you all and don’t forget to send your answers by Friday evening.

Let the Quiz begin!!!!!!

Mary B.

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Writing a Descriptive Paragraph

Describe a character

Write a paragraph describing a  TV show, a movie or story character giving details that describe the character’s  physical traits and character traits. Remember to put the adjectives describing the noun in the correct order as studied in class.

Deadline to send your paragraphs 24th October.

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