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‘Stories of Courage’ Reading Quiz – Winners

Well done to all contestants participating in our First Term Reading Quiz which is now over! The prize goes to:

Manuel and Luis winners of our 1st Term Reading Quiz

Manuel and Luis for their effort to win the Quiz, achieving their goal and showing me they have definitely read “Stories of Courage” from beginning to end!! Prizes will be given on Friday, 9th December.

Therefore, your final score is as follows:

Group D: 1+3+2+4+4+3=17 points

Group C: 4+4+3+2+0+2=15 points

Group B: 3+0+4+3+3+1=11 points

Group A: 2+0+0+0+2+4=8 point

And remember is not winning what’s important but all of you taking part.

Thanks for your co-operation to all those students who cared and gave their time to take part in this quiz.  As promised, you’ve got yourselves 2 extra points on your Stories of Courage test. Congrats! 🙂

We’ll come back in January with our 2nd Term compulsory reading book: ‘How I met myself’ so…, watch this space!

Mary B.

P.S.: Don’t forget to study for our Stories of Courage Quick Test on Friday, 9th December.


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