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‘Evening Class’ 2nd Term Reading Quiz – Winner

Well done to all contestants participating in our Second Term Reading Quiz which is now over! The prize goes to:

Anastasia winner of our 2nd Term Reading Quiz

Anastasia for her effort to win the Quiz, achieving her goal and showing me she has definitely read “Evening Class” from beginning to end!! Prize will be given on Friday, 16th, March.

Therefore, your final score is as follows:

Anastasia: 7+7+8+8+8+8+8= 54

Erika: 0+0+0+0+0+7+0 = 7

Manuél: 0+8+6+7+7+0+6= 34

Luis: 0+6+0+4+0+6+0= 16

Marta: 0+0+0+6+6+0+7= 19

Jacinto: 0+0+0+0+0+0+0= 0

Naomi: 0+5+7+5+0+0+0= 17

Carlos: 0+0+0+0= 0

And remember is not winning what’s important but all of you taking part.

Thanks  to all those students who cared and gave their time to take part in this quiz.  As promised, the winner will get 3 extra points, 2 and 1 for 2nd and 3rd best respectively on your Evening Class Progress test. Congrats! 🙂

We’ll come back in April with our 3rd Term compulsory reading book: ‘How I met myself’ so…, watch this space!

Mary B.


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‘Evening Class’ 2nd Term Reading Quiz – Final Round

Well done to all contestants participating in this round! A pity that Jacinto, Naomi, Marta, Manuel and Carlos did not feel  like working again to improve their marks. Why????

Once more time following a disappointing  round  your score is as follows:

Anastasia: 7+7+8+8+8+8= 46

Erika: 0+0+0+0+0+7 = 7

Manuél: 0+8+6+7+7+0= 28

Luis: 0+6+0+4+0+6= 16

Marta: 0+0+0+6+6+0= 12

Jacinto: 0+0+0++0+0+0= 0

Naomi: 0+5+7+5+0+0= 17

Carlos: 0+0+0= 0

Well, let’s see how well you do on our final round. Contestants here you’ve got your questions:


Order the letters in the words in italics and complete the sentences. The write T if the sentences are true and F if they are false.

a The Garaldis …………… bermeeredm Laddy.

b Alfredo wants Signora to come back to where she …………… olbegsn.

c When Fiona tells Aidan about Nell and Dan, he is completely…………… dosckhe.

d Aidan reached for Signora’s hand, but she …………… lulped away, because he was a married man.

Well, make sure your answers are submitted by Friday, 9th March.

Good luck to you all and remember…, PARTICIPATION’S THE KEY! If not, your marks on compulsory reading will be badly affected.

Mary B.

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