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‘How I met myself’ 3rd Term Reading Quiz Winner

Well done to all contestants participating in our Third Term Reading Quiz which is now over! The prize goes to:

Anastasia for her effort to win the Quiz, achieving her goal and showing me she has definitely read “How I met myself” from beginning to end!! Your prize will be given on Wednesday, 20th, June.

Therefore, your final score is as follows:

Anastasia: 7+8+5+0+8+8+8+14= 58

Naomi: 0+7+8+7+5+5+3+4= 39

Luis: 8+6+3+0+7+0+5+6 = 35

Manuel: 6+5+7+0+4+4+4+2= 32

Erika: 0+0+0+0+6+6+6+12 = 30

Carlos: 0+0+6+8+0+0+0+16= 30

Marta: 0+0+4+0+3+7+7+8= 29

Jacinto: 0+0+0+0+2+0+0+10= 12

And remember, it is not the winning that’s important – it’s all of you taking part.

Thanks  to all those students who cared and gave their time to take part in this quiz.  As promised, the winner will get 3 extra points, 2 and 1 for 2nd and 3rd best respectively on your How I met myself test. Congrats! :)

Hope to see you all next year,

Mary B.


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‘Stories of Courage’ Reading Quiz – Round 2

Excellent work, guys! That’s what I call teamwork. Therefore, your current score is as follows:

Group C: 4 points

Group B: 3 points

Group A: 2 point

Group D: 1 points

Contestants Marta, Anastasia, Naomi and Luis are you ready for Round 2? Here you’ve got your questions for this round.

Story 2

Finish these sentences about Matthew.

float     army   crocodile         power strength

a Matthew was very frightened about the ………… that was swimming towards him.

b Matthew ………… for hours in the Nile River to escape the soldiers.

c Matthew’s European friends admire him because of his ………… .

Be the first to submit your answers before Wednesday, 2nd to guarantee your group the 4 points.

Good luck to you all and remember…, PARTICIPATION’S THE KEY!

Mary B.

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